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by on Sep.08, 2009, under PML

I am in the middle of sending out a special invitation to Playmates for
the LA show. I’d also like to know which Playmates, who have attended
GC before or not, are at the top of your list.





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  1. PML

    #1 for me is #1 (or close to it) for most everyone else………………..

    Feb 1984 – Justine Grreiner

    others include

    Lisa Matthews
    Kimberly Donley
    Karen McDougal
    Summer Altice – I know she has been to the last 2 but I couldn’t make the last
    LA one and I wanna see my fellow FVHS Baron Alum there

    Bob – odds are pretty good you will soon be hearing from Kathy Shower about attending the Nov LA GC. She told me about a week or so ago she is going to try
    and attend and thinks she will when all is said and done


  2. PML

    Is it possible or even reasonable to send out an invitation to every single living Playmate? You might hear from some you would have never thought of
    asking before. If that is not possible, then I would focus on the Playmates from the last 3 years. While having your long-time regulars is great, having ‘new blood’ at the shows is good also.


  3. PML

    “New blood” would include PM’s from all other time periods, who have not been to GC. Hope Marie Carlton had a steady line at May 08 GC because that was her
    first apperance at GC. Her prices and friendly personality kept the line


  4. PML

    All of them? Haaha, ok, I’ll try to limit this to Playmates who have been to GC
    before (even if only Chicago) or who I think would have a shot at attending
    (vs. the Forget Its like Lisa Matthews) –

    Wendy Hamilton
    Cheryl Bachman
    Patty McGuire
    Jessica Burciaga
    Valerie Mason
    Gianna Amore
    Brooke Berry
    Danelle Folta
    Jessica Lee
    Brooke Richards
    Layla Roberts
    Shannon Stewart
    Karin Taylor
    Bonnie Marino
    Kimber West
    Jennifer Miriam
    Ulrika Ericcson
    Laura Croft
    Candice Cassidy
    Jillian Grace
    Tiffany Fallon
    Lani Todd
    Heather Spytek
    Wendy Kaye
    Samantha Dorman
    Donna D’Errico
    Nikki Schieler
    Kristi Cline


  5. PML

    My Top Three PM that I have met at GC.

    Liz Stewart. I was a big fan when her issue came out. I became a huge fan
    after meeting her. The nicest Playmate ever and she looked better than she did
    in 84.

    Deanna Brooks. Also very nice and beautiful. See actually seems to enjoy being
    at GC unlike many PM’s whose body language and actions, give you a clear
    indication they do not want to be there.

    Hope Marie Carlton-

    Top Three I would like to see at GC:

    Kim Morris-She is so underrated. She isn’t in anybody’s top 3, hell top half
    for 1986. But she is so sexy and beautiful.

    Susan Smith Sept 81.

    Kim MacAuthur

    Top Three PM who have not been to LA GC.

    Ruth Guerri
    Cheryl Bachman
    Cythiyia Brimhall

  6. PML

    Lisa Matthews (holy grail!)
    Echo Johnson
    Jennifer Allan
    Kelly Monaco (I know, never happen but one can dream can’t he?)
    Kalin Olson
    Julia Schultz
    Deanna Brooks
    Kristi Cline
    Brooke Berry (another dream…)
    Summer Altice
    Lauren Michelle Hill
    Crista Nicole
    Sandra Hubby
    Kara Monaco
    Alison Waite
    Laura Croft
    Hope Dworaczyk
    Crystal McCahill


  7. PML

    brooke will NEVER be heard from again – wishful thinking meaning those who saw
    her at GC in that gray nightie will have that image in their heads forever – and
    those that saw it will NEVER forget it. easily among the T5 sexiest outfits EVER
    worn to GC. sense Crista is also gone forever as well – and she is one of the
    hottest PMs EVER

    LMH attends a lot and maybe she and her roomie Deanna Brooks can show up
    together. my thoughts on “my fiance” are well known here – i’d love to see her
    back at GC

    Nicole Voss…………..sadly i think we have another Justine Greiner on our
    hands. i think we have seen the last of Ms Voss – or whatever last name she has
    now if the rumors are true that she is now married.i sent her a few e-mails up
    until about 6-ish months ago to both her Yahell and personal e-mail and none got
    returend (none boucned back – but none were returned). if she didn’t answer MY e-mails she’ll never answer anyone’s. i even sent something to her cousin via My Space – no reply (although cousin has not logged on since it was sent). Eric – enjoy the memories of of the the nicest and friendliest PMs of all time – because what you saw – is what will have to last a lifetime.


  8. PML

    –K: At the risk of incurring the wrath of some PMs who may be put off by my list, herrrre goes:

    –Lynda Wiesmeier: Just because it would be nice to know that she hasn’t dropped off the planet, not having heard or seen hide or golden-hair of her
    since last Novs GC. :-C :-C

    –Kari Kennell: A letter I sent to her a few yrs ago lead to my helping Mr Tomlinson correct the contact info he uses in his monthly bday updates.

    –Roberta Vasquez, Dona Speir, Patti Duffek and/or Cynthia Brimhall: Thank you to the late Andy Sidaris.

    –Dianne Chandler: I have virtually everything she sells. NOW, if I could actually MEET the woman (grrrrrr)…

    –Patti Reynolds: The first PM that made me feel like I got hit in the face by a 2-by-4 the first time I met her. And herrrrrre comes the wrath!

    –Donna Edmondson: Another long distance PM with all mail order-stuff bought, no meet. 🙁

    –Lisa Baker: A less-purchased from version of Edmondson comma Donna.

    –Maria McBane: During our last chat, DeDe Lind told me she lives in the area. Hers is one of my favorite 60s-defining CC galleries; an example of why I
    joined the CC in the first place.

    –Janice Pennington: I grew up on ‘The Price Is Right.’ I even attended a taping of the show in ’87, but never got the chance to meet her. Or have the
    chance to win…


    C’mon folks. You know that’s a hanging curve ball.

    –Reagan Wilson: One more go ’round, just for ole times sake.

    –Rebecca Ferratti: The PM whose raw, natural, animalistic oozing-out-of-every-pore-in-her-body sex appeal is the one who I measure every other PM by.

    –Sandy Cagle, Lisa Welch, Sondra Theodore, Michelle Drake, Heidi Sorenson & Nikki Thomas: The first 6 PMs I met, but whose autographs I never got on their
    CFs because of my early self-consciousness of bringing them to a family event.

    –The second Susie Scott (Miss May ’83): The first PM whose autograph of her CF I DID get (#7).

    –Renee Tenison: One of my FAVE PMOYs. I met her three times during a wknd swing of her publicity tour the wknd after she was named PMOY. Are they still doing those anymore? It seems PB has dropped most everything else.

    –Teri Weigel: JUST because she’s the…”badddddd girl PM.” Let’s shake things up a little, whaddya say?

    –Kristine Hanson: She’s done virtually everything on TV for virtually every TV station from Sacramento to San Jose.

    –Janet Quist: My first PM of the first issue I bought (at my local 7-11).

    –Candy Loving: I know, I know, a verrrry long shot. But I can dream too, can’t I?

    –Vicki McCarty: If she still lives in the area…

    –Barbara Edwards: See McCarty comma Vicki.

    –Julie Clarke: Just because I joined her web site for a few months. Loved her vids, but she her store was empty.

    And for those PMs not mentioned here, it’s only because there’s a reeeeasonably good chance you’ll show up on your own accord or the assumption that financial praticality and/or traveling logistics will keep you away as has been the case for yourselves & other PMs who’ve stated why they’ve not been able to attend previous shows or declining previous invitations.

    I hope this helps, Bob. As for any PMs reading this, let the arrows fly.

  9. PML

    Patti McGuire had been at the top of my wish list; let me say again that this has been a very good Glamourcon year for me. I already have my flight booked for GC#48!

    Because I collect custom photographs by some of the early free-lance playmate photographers, I would love to see any of these playmates at GC:

    Lynn Turner (1/56)
    Marion Scott (5/56)
    Gloria Walker (6/56)
    Elsa Sorensen (9/56)
    Sandra Edwards (3/57)
    Dolores Donlon (8/57)
    Colleen Farrington (10/57)
    Judi Monterey (1/63)

    The following are among those who scheduled for Expo but then cancelled. Some might consider Glamourcon for the first time.

    Lari Laine (5/58)
    Joan Staley (11/58)
    Nancy Scott (3/64)
    Astrid Schulz (9/64)
    Sue Bernard (12/66)
    Nancy Cameron (1/74)
    Janis Schmitt (2/78)
    Karen Velez (12/84)
    Julie Peterson (2/87)
    Pam Stein (11/87)
    Ashley Allen (8/92)
    Jennifer LeRoy (2/93)

    Also Allison Parks (10/65) was on the cancelled list but showed up anyway, meaning that some of us missed having her sign our issues. I would love to see her again.

    To that list, I would add the following, some of whom have been no-shows at GC:

    Christa Speck (9/61)
    Sharon Rogers (1/64)
    Angela Dorian (9/67)
    Sharon Clark (8/70)
    Karen Christy (12/71)
    Ashley Cox (12/77)
    Teri Peterson (7/80)
    Linda Rhys Vaughn (4/82)
    Donna Smith (3/85)
    Lisa Matthews (4/90)
    Nikki Schieler (9/97)
    Carol Bernaola (1/00)
    Candace Cassidy (6/09)

    As long as I’m dreaming:

    Janet Pilgrim (7/55)
    Lisa Winters (12/56)
    Marilyn Cole (1/72)
    Kimberley Conrad (1/88)
    Pam Anderson (2/90)
    Jenny McCarthy (10/93)

    There are dozens who attended GC early on (mainly before Expo) but haven’t been back; Anne Randall (5/67), Cyndi Wood (2/73), Karen Morton (7/78), Terri Welles (12/80), and India Allen (12/87) would be sights for sore eyes!


    Dan Stiffler

  10. PML

    i can chime in here on that one

    Julie isn’t just a drop dead stunner. she is DAMN smart – sorry VZ – but maybe the smartest PM EVER – and if not she is on a very short list of PMs in the
    discussion. she has an MBA and also belongs to MENSA! i sent them something saying i wished to get in cotact with Julie – and they said that can’t be done and that member (Julie) doesn’t accept outside e-mails. so that tells me Julie wants her PM days to be something from the past – not so much that she is
    embarrassed about it – just she has moved on in her life.

    Her layout was one of the sexiest ever – the stuff of her working out with the sweat (or water) on her was incredibly sexy (when is the last time we saw a
    layout anywhere near as sexy as Julie’s – not in this decade) and her face is great and how can one not loooooooove her fabulous breasts – her nipples were as sexy as Kathy Shower’s

    so don’t expect Julie to be at GC any time soon


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