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Quick thoughts – January 09

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Quick thoughts – January 09

I haven’t done one of these in some time but seeing that this is an anniversary
issue and
the “Playmate Review” is in it I decided to give it a go.

Cover –
I am not opposed to them using a image of the “celeb” in the issue over the more
rabbit head or some specially commissioned piece of art like they have in the
past – what I
am opposed to is the heinous image they decided to use. The image is a mess
– there is more noise in this image than in Times Square on New Years Eve – at
12:00. Her
skin looks blotchy and orange and I am almost 100% positive they added the black
into the image – it’s very obvious around her hands and the straight line across
breasts. Sorry, but if the Playboy staff can’t get their photoshop skills down –
especially on
the cover – even more especially on the 55th Anniversary cover – there is a

Hangin With Hef –
The first pic of Hef with the twins. Sorry, but I think Hef’s fascination with
twins isn’t going
to extend very far with the GND audience – especially since A) I’ve seen them
online and
they have ZERo charisma or personality and B) they are only 18 or 19 and that
just get’s
creepier and C) they aren’t that pretty. I just think the time has come for them
to either
cancel the show or focus only on Holly, Bridget and Kendra exclusively. Let’s be
honest –
they are the stars of the show, not Hef.

Interview, Richard Branson –
I don’t know much about him so this might be interesting to me.

Icon, Carmen Elektra –
I am a fan of Carmen Elektra – I think she is gorgeous and she has a spectacular
Some of her previous pictorials has been really great, but this one is just
flat. I don’t know
if it’s her, the photographer, or what – these images just don’t seem very

55 Beautiful Years –
These 2 page collages from each decade seem again a lot uninspired. I think they
done this to death in every anniversary issue and it’s old and tired. Why not
include a
calendar in each issue that had twelve iconic images of the last 55 years? Or
include a free
cd with these images on it? I don’t know – it just seems like they put so little
thought or
effort into it why bother?

55th Anniversary Playmate, Dasha Astafleva –
So they identify her in the December issue as Dariia and then change her name to
Dasha in
the January issue? Lord – someone please tell me why they even bother? I watched
play out on the GND show and I think that she has an amazing body and that she
is really
pretty, but I think there were better choices that could have been made. I think
she is way
more photogenic than she is videogenic – on video she looks kind of hard, yet
her pics
don’t look that way at all. Having said that, I think they could take a lot of
the black
eyeliner away and she would still be gorgeous – and even more “GND”ish. Her CF
GORGEOUS – and if it had been shot in 8×10 and printed with the same quality
that they
used back in the day it would rival Irina Veronina’s as one of my all-time
favorites. In fact,
they have almost the same exact body which is a great thing. In fact, that is
who Dasha
reminds me of – a perfect mix of Irina’s body with Tiffany Fallon’s face –
although Tiffany’s
look is a bit more approachable in my opinion. I think Dasha (or Dariia or
whoever she is)
is a great choice for Playmate and she is a 1000 times better choice that
Colleen as the
50th Anniversary Playmate, but I think Hope would have been a better choice in
terms of
being on Jay Leno or David Letterman – oh wait, that doesn’t happen anymore. So
I guess
it’s fine that they picked someone who barely speaks English to represent the
magazine as
a “Anniversary Playmate”.

20Q, Marston and Cooper Hefner –
Their personalities seem very different and even though I have only read a few
of the
questions I am curious about them.

Playmate Review –
In all I think 2008 was a fine year for Playmates however it wont go down in
history as one
of my all-time favorites. I have a choice for PMOY but I doubt she will win and
I am ok
with that. Usually I am very passionate about my choices but this year they all
just seem
ok. None of them are hideous (like Spencer Scott last year) so I am actually ok
whatever happens. Plus, I am not even sure the winner will get a cover, more
than 6 pages
or a dvd so really, what does it matter? So here are my rankings (I usually do
another post
ranking the years Playmates but I will combine them this year since I really
don’t have
much to say about the magazine).
1. Miss March, Ida Ljungqvist – Ida is my choice for PMOY. We elected our first
President in US history so maybe Hef will make Ida the 2nd ever black PMOY.
hoping. She is gorgeous and has a really great body and I think she’d look
amazing on the
cover of the magazine.
2. Miss June, Juliette Frette – I think she is gorgeous and has an interesting
story (although
her Playmate Review piece is kinda strange).
3. Miss April, Regina Deutinger – she is so not my type – in fact, I usually
detest the bolt-
on implanted Playmates but she is different for me. I think she has an amazing
face and
while her implants are obvious I don’t mind them at all.
4. Miss August, Kayla Collins – I honestly think she is the front-runner of the
blondes and
I think she’s super cute. Her body seems a bit squat to me (her boobs and her
waist are
super close to each other) but I think it works for her – she’s curvy and comes
across as
super sweet on the show. In fact, I wish Hef would have hooked up with her
instead of
those nasty twins.
Those are my top 4 and if forced to rank them further it would look like this:
5. Grace Kim – I wanted to love her but there is something odd about her body. I
think she
has a beautiful face but they seem to go to extreme efforts to only photograph
one of her
boobs at a time and I find that distracting and makes me wonder why.
6. Laura Croft – I think she’s cute and I like her body ok – I just don’t see
PMOY when I
look at her.
7. Kelly Carrington – there are pics of her I love and then in others she looks
like she is 40
years old. She just always looks different but not always in a good way. Maybe
she’ll win
and her PMOY pics will change my mind.
8. Michelle McLaughlin – total GND – and I think she is adorable. I wouldn’t
mind her
being PMOY but I don’t think she has a chance.
9.Sandra Nilsson – she’s pretty, but I don’t really care for this pic of her in
the Playmate
Review. I think she is a great M iss January, but following Jayde I don’t think
she’s the
10.Natalie & Jennifer Campbell – I think they are pretty and have great bodies
but I think
one of them is prettier (the one without the tatt) and I think she should have
been a
Playmate on her own.
11. AJ Alexander – I love her without red hair, but with red hair (to me) it
brings out the
fake things about her. Her implants look harder and I start to wonder if she has
implants. I don’t know. I just think that she looks a bit too plastic-y and as
much as I want
to like her I just don’t.
12.Valerie Mason – sorry, I just don’t get her. I don’t care for her look or her
body. Oddly
enough she is my 17 year olds choice for PMOY, so maybe I am just way off the
mark, but
I just don’t get her. I hate the dyed black hair and her banfs are totally
hiding her huge
forehead. Yes, she’s cute, but I just don’t get the appeal at all.

Next Month –
I hope the GND pictorial is new pictures and not just some reruns. I know most
have already moved on but I really liked Holly, Bridget and (at times) Kendra. I
think they
did some great things for the brand and they have a HUGE following. As for
Jessica being
Miss Feb – I think she’s GORGEOUS but again, what’s with the lies? On the show
claims to have discovered her on MySpace yet it states that she was a blackjack
bunny in
Vegas (and was in the magazine as part of the November 07 pictorial). Why can’t
they just
get their story straight for once?

I guess the 55th Anniversary issue isn’t a total disaster – it’s no different
than any other
recent issue – and that to me is the problem. If you are going to make a big
deal of it in
the months leading up to it and on the show I would just like it if they
actually put some
effort into making it special.

Don (on the PML)

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  1. admin

    donn> 12.Valerie Mason – sorry, I just don’t get her. I
    donn> don’t care for her look or her body. Oddly enough she is my
    donn> 17 year olds choice for PMOY, so maybe I am just way off the
    donn> mark, but I just don’t get her. I hate the dyed black hair
    donn> and her banfs are totally hiding her huge forehead. Yes,
    donn> she’s cute, but I just don’t get the appeal at all.

    When Dean saw her, he told me that her look is a new one that is very
    “in” now. He described it as black hair that is long and flat against
    the head, heavy black eyeliner, dark eye makeup. He said he sees a
    lot of young students around campus that are wearing that look.

    I’ve also seen that look turning up more in Playboy recently
    (e.g. Cyber Girls, SE models, etc.). A couple Cyber Girls I can think
    of offhand are Jane Taylor and Stephanie Strong.

    BTW I think the full page picture of Valerie Mason that opens her
    pictorial (p.81 of the Sep issue) is one of the most striking photos
    I’ve seen in Playboy all this year; when I see it I kind of keep
    staring. It’s entrancing.

    I expect we’ll be seeing more of that look.


  2. admin

    Re: Quick thoughts – January 09

    You let your 17 year old child look at Playboy and judge all 12 months
    of Playmates? Just curious, what if you found out your 17 year old
    had gone to a store and bought a Playboy mag on his own. Would that
    bother you?

    — In, “donnjmck66” wrote:
    > 12.Valerie Mason – sorry, I just don’t get her. I don’t care for her
    look or her body. Oddly
    > enough she is my 17 year olds choice for PMOY, so maybe I am just
    way off the mark, but
    > I just don’t get her. I hate the dyed black hair and her banfs are
    totally hiding her huge
    > forehead. Yes, she’s cute, but I just don’t get the appeal at all.


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