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DITCH Friday in Las Vegas~Val Style!

by on Sep.09, 2008, under Events

If you haven’t had the chance, go check out the new photo album we have. Val showed Vegas how to P A R T Y, Louisiana style! The Bayou Babe took over the Palms Pool and Bungalows at the Palms Hotel. She also caught the eye of American swimming sensation and multiple Olympic Gold Medal winner, Michael Phelps!

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has quickly became THE place to be seen. Surely being the location of the only Playboy Club in the world hasn’t hurt business? Using their Maloof Marketing Magic, the hottest new draw to the Palms is DITCH Friday’s at the Pool and their ever-changing guest of the week. And last Friday, September 5th that guest was Miss September, Valerie Mason!

Looking amazing in a Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, PINK Polka Dot Bikini, Val looked smokin’ hot! There were guests galore hoping to catch some rays with Valerie. Stuck up model she’s not! She mingled with guests, signed autographs and enjoyed the sun. Also there for the party was former Hooters beauty and Playboy’s Miss May 2006, Allison Waite. The girl’s had a blast and fit right in with some of the prettiest people you could find in Vegas. I’ll tell you what, my pool parties never attracted that crowd!

While the party was in full swing, the photographer spotted Mr. Gold Medal slippin’ in the back. He seemed pretty much incognito even after entering the pool area. That is until Mr. George Maloof (co-owner of The Palms and half the planet) himself came out to chat. Mr. Maloof wasn’t dressed for the party, awww too bad! Pretty soon Miss Playboy Rep (yeah, we’re guessing here) came out to Mr. Phelps with a very fancy box. Hmmm. In the box? Oh yeah baby, the notorious Playboy Club Key ! Quite the impromptu little ceremony! Congratulations were offered and lots of photos were taken. Of course always being a lady, Valerie came over and took photos with Michael, Allison and George. If you wanna read about what Mr. Phelps did with his new key after the party, you’ll have to read some gossip sites. You won’t be disappointed. Well, maybe a little if YOU don’t have a Playboy Club Key around your neck!

Usually the best thing about these kind of “events” are the pictures we get to add to the site. How can you lose with sexy photos of Valerie in a bikini? Yeah, you can’t! This time we got a little bonus too. After the late news on TV tonight, one of the ads was for the entertainment gossip show, TMZ. They mentioned Michael Phelps’ rowdy night in Vegas, so naturally I had to watch! Guess who’d sexy mug was flashed all over the screen? That’s right! Valerie’s! Hey, being Playboy’s Miss September is not bad publicity, but TMZ? That’s like showbiz royalty! Okay not really, but it ain’t bad either. Curious I went to and sure enough, there she was on the main story photo! On I went to the comments…. “Why yes! As a matter of fact I do know who the “hot chick in the pink polka dot bikini” is.” Hope all who asked enjoy and come back often!

Miss M.

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  1. getalifeagain

    When one is with Valerie, they are at the party. All other things around her are incidentals;-)

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