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Inside the Playboy Mansion

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Miss September 2008 of San Marcos Talks about Glitzy Summer with Hef and the Girls Next Door

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I often find myself disillusioned with reality; it never lives up to the glamorous ideas in my mind. After talking with Valerie Mason, I can say with full confidence that some fantasies do exist in real life—at least for all the men in the world. Valerie Mason is Playboy’s Miss September 2008 and she occupied the glorified centerfold position in one of America’s favorite magazines. This initiated Valerie into the Playboy family and makes her a playmate for life.

When talking to Valerie, my question was the same as everyone else’s:  what REALLY goes on at the Playboy mansion?  Valerie lived in the mansion for an entire summer and had plenty of answers.

Life: Playboy Mansion Style
Valerie described the mansion as a type of sexy, luxurious resort. They have chefs working around the clock at their beck and call—waiting for each girl to put in their order at any time. She spent her days how she pleased, laying out by the pool or relaxing indoors.

I asked her if it was anything like the hit reality show, The Girls Next Door (italicize this title), and she responded, “It’s exactly the same! We are totally a family during the day. There are fabulous movie stars and friends of Hef that come to visit, and at night there’s always some sort of party.”  She said her favorite star was Al Pacino, who she got to hang out with at the AFI Awards.

With lots of guests to entertain during the day and at parties, I wondered if there were any expectations for Playmate behavior in the house. Valerie explained that Hugh Hefner wanted all the girls to be themselves. “He doesn’t really care what you do as long as it isn’t trashy, AKA—don’t get drunk and make a complete fool of yourself,” said Valerie. When asked if she ever felt objectified or on display, she replied, “Never. Hef makes sure everyone feels like they are a part of the party. We aren’t props.  Sure, people would hit on us, but it never got out of hand.”

Slip-n-Slide Topless
But, what about the Playboy parties everyone hears about? They live up to their reputation. Valerie said it was a bit shocking the first time she saw a lot of naked girls in the pool one night, but that it’s something you get used to.  (Tough life, huh boys?) Her favorite party was the 4th of July.  They had a huge pool party equipped with slip-n-slides and sprinklers. She, Holly (from The Girl Next Door) and a few other playmates decided to “spice things up a bit.” They took off their shirts and swimsuits and started going down the slip-n-slides topless.  “Everyone at the party thought it was awesome. We had to keep doing it over and over again because the cameras kept missing it, and then Hef loved it, of course. By the end we were completely soaked!” Valerie described.

The Perfect Job
Being sexy has never been so glamorous, and it’s a recession proof job that is quite profitable. Valerie made $25,000 doing the centerfold shoot. She’s now back in San Marcos doing promotions for Playboy. Her rate: $1000 a night to smile and sign pictures!  She isn’t just a pretty face, though. Valerie has ambitious dreams of becoming an actress. Her modeling is the first step to making her career as an actress materialize.  She’s already been in two episodes of  The Girls Next Door and will be in future episodes in season five.

Girl Behind the Glam

Away from the cameras Valerie is a 21 year old girl with a (sorry boys!) loving boyfriend and a supportive family.  Is it hard to be a Playmate with a steady boyfriend? Valerie said her boyfriend loves it! Total bragging rights with his friends, though a little weird if he sees her on someone else’s wall. The only time she personally gets creeped out is when she sees her issue on her dad’s friend’s coffee table. Weird!

How’d She Become a Playmate?

  1. She contacted Holly Madison through MySpace, and sent Polaroid photos on request.
  2. Was invited to a test shoot on The Girls Next Door where her photos were reviewed by the girls and then by Hugh Hefner
  3. She was asked to be the centerfold and made a part of the Playboy family.

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