Playmate Valerie Mason

Your list of Top 10 Playmates of 2000s?

by on Apr.29, 2009, under PML

Here’s my top 10, in carefully considered order:

Nichole van Croft
Teri Harrison
Sarah Jean Underwood
Kara Monaco
Hiromi Oshima
Jayde Nicole
Christine Smith
Alison Waite
Valerie Mason
Brittany Binger


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  1. PML

    That’s a good point. I get to know each girl’s voice from her Playmate profile which I never miss. Perhaps Valerie Mason had the best or at least one of the best voices of 2008. Sara Jean Underwood has one of the best Playmate voices ever. Charm is more difficult. I would look at how she comes across in her profile and how much fun she is in her OTS videos. This may not be very real but I don’t have any other way of evaluating and how much she appeals to me in the video does affect how much I like the girl. Almost all Playmates look like goddesses in
    videos – even ones who don’t look so great in pictures. So when comparing, beauty becomes a smaller factor and it’s what else comes across that makes the difference. The OTS videos of Lindsey Vuolo and Miriam Gonzalez are too good – they manage to convey just how much fun they would be to be with. Cara Zavaleta is always fun no matter where
    you see her. Christi Shake laughs so much that she will always keep you in good spirits. And of course Sara Jean Underwood just gives the impression that she is the dream girlfriend that you always searched
    but never found. Personality is even more difficult. It becomes more apparent as the years go by. Now we can give high marks to Jennifer Walcott here. However it was not so apparent at the time of her PMOM appearance. Modeling skill is perhaps the most difficult. Most of the times it’s about what the photographer did. The one Playmate who I think stands out for her modeling skill is Anna Marie Goddard. She breathes life into almost every picture of hers.

    You have suggested a good number of candidates. Thank you for it. I have already commented in detail about Lindsey Vuolo in my previous mail and she just has to be a nominee. I think Giuliana Marino is a
    super choice – why didn’t I think of it? Perhaps she is slightly underrated because she is not American but has such a lovely face, is so wonderfully fleshy and I love that ass. Sorry but I cannot accept the rest. Carmella Decesare is just not big and fleshy enough. Summer Altice lacks in the boobs department. Tiffany Fallon demands more careful consideration but on first thought she is not exotic enough.

    Another thought comes to mind. Why is Jayde Nicole getting such few votes? I know a lot of people don’t like that tattoo which I don’t have much of a problem with. If it’s so bad let us all request her to try to remove it. However is there even one other flaw in her. Is she not absolutely exotic?


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