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My Ranking For 2008

by on May.23, 2009, under PML

After having said repeatedly that in 2008 the Playmates are very close to each other in terms of quality and not being able to rank them, I have finally managed to make my list. So here it is.

1. Juliette Frette

2. Ida Ljungqvist (unhappy with her recent behavior but not taking that into account)

3. Michelle McLaughlin

4. A J Alexander

5. Regina Deutinger

6. Valerie Mason

7. Kelly Carrington

8. Sandra Nilsson

9. Laura Croft

10. Kayla Collins

11. Grace Kim

12. Campbell Twins

In 2008 there isn’t a single Playmate who from either an aesthetic or a sexual perspective leaped into my heart or mind. I have chosen Juliette as the best because of her breasts, her background, her personality and the way she has presented herself.


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  1. PML

    Mine changes on my mood and by seeing other pics of the girls (like the ones that are now on of Ida’s PMOY “Playmate slumber party” which by the way – they show what Ida’s PMOY cover was supposed to be – or at least I think that’s what is it – in the pics from the PMOY dinner – she is in a bikini standing in the pool in Hef’s room at the Palms with the bunny head on the bottom of the pool. She looks gorgeous and that cover would have been 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better than the shit they actually ran). Anyhow, here goes:

    1. Ida Ljungqvist
    2. Regina Deutinger
    3. Kayla Collins
    4. Juliette Frette (she was my #2 originally but based solely on her PMOM pics (and CF) – not loving recent pics of her at all)
    5. Sandra Nilsson
    6. Michelle McLaughlin (did not like her PMOM pics as much as her “fresh faces” pics)
    7. Kelly Carrington
    8. Laura Croft
    9. A J Alexander (had she posed with dark brown hair like some modeling shots I’ve seen of her I’d have ranked her WAY higher – like top 3)
    10. Valerie Mason
    11. Campbell Twins
    12. Grace Kim

    Donn McKnight

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