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Valerie Mason’s tattoo

by on Jul.18, 2009, under PML

If you want to see PM Valerie Mason’s Tattoo then look at it from her Tweet:


(Editor:  The picture has been posted in the candids section of her photo album)

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  1. PML

    wow! really classy…NOT!

    Sid Dithers

  2. PML

    what an idiot she is



  3. PML

    Not the worst I’ve seen, kind of cool on her. Now I’d rather she didn’t get it in the first place but I still like her just as much as before. If that says something specific I hope for her sake that it actually says what she thinks it says.


  4. PML

    Just when I think the trend of Playboy models and tattoos can’t get any worse (bigger more masculine) I’m proven wrong again. It’s not a scratch on a Lamborghini, it’s a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini.


  5. PML

    Well, here’s something “worse” than a bumper sticker. Not a Lamborghini but just as nice –

    Now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t complain about driving an M1 painted up by Andy Worhol just because it didn’t have a monochrome paint job –

    Still, to each his own, I understand. Some people would be repulsed by Megan Fox because of her (admittedly) idiotic multiple tattoos. I would say they have their priorities out of order. Valerie’s tattoo is nothing compared to that.


  6. PML

    Well if Andy Warhol was still around and wanted to “pimp my ride” great, fantastic. That is an inanimate piece of artwork that with simple care can last for decades as a classic car and can be restored albeit for a price. Tattoos are more a personal statement or graffiti (in western culture) on humans. And skin does not age very well even for the most health conscious of both Men and especially Women. Personal statements don’t always wear well over time either. That’s why the bumper stickers analogy works for me at least. Old bumper stickers accentuate the age of one’s car and are difficult to remove like tattoos. Wearing every day clothes hides Valerie’s hip tat. What happens if she has children? That hip tattoo will accentuate the changes that come with time to skin.

    I’m also not asking that Valerie be buried up to her neck so stones can be thrown at her, this is her choice. It is my choice to be constructively critical. Admittedly some of my favorite PMs have tattoos. Jennifer Walcott had hers removed, Victoria Fuller got a bunny tat on her ankle after her pictorial came out.

    Now I don’t have a problem with Megan’s Fox’s “man hands” or “thumbs” (Seinfeld reference) and indeed her tattoos are God-awful. I’m not ga-ga over her to begin with in large part due to this so sue or flame me whatever.


  7. PML

    Well there you go. Jennifer got hers removed. So she’s not “ugly” anymore?
    It’s like magic!


  8. PML

    You like Megan Fox or you don’t, nothing I say can change that (though keying on her thumbs, that would be hard to justify to most guys). I like how you completely glossed over the fact that Jennifer Walcott got her tattoos removed and it changed her from crap back to beautiful like magic.

    I find that interesting. I mean, as nobody has wanted to address, some tattoos look basically like birthmarks (small, hard to tell what they are from distance, just colored globs) but birthmarks don’t make a girl “ugly” yet a near identical tattoo does. A temporary tattoo doesn’t make a girl “ugly” but a permanent tattoo does, the pattern/style/size doesn’t matter (and body paint doesn’t make a girl “ugly”, either). “Permanent” tattoos can be removed (not easy and it’s painful but it can be done) yet somehow that’s not the same as temporary tattoos, the girl is still repulsive. So it’s not the style/pattern/placement, it’s knowing that the tattoo is permanent vs. easily removed? Seriously?

    Any perfect 10 dreamgirl celeb I can think of, if she was my girlfriend/wife and had no tattoos and then one day she reveals to me that she got a tattoo like Valerie got, I couldn’t care less. Otherwise I’m admitting that looks are more important than personality/intelligence (not true) *and* I’m stating that a tattoo on the hip somehow affects her looks (her proportions and face). That is irrational.


  9. PML

    i actually didn’t mind it and thought it was kinda sexy. it was small not something ridiculous. and besides – with her body it’s not like anyone was
    really looking at it all that much. Jennifer was one of the tiniest waists and flatest stomachs i have ever seen – maybe because her breasts are so freaking
    enormous it just seems that way but her waist is so tiny that in doggie my guess is the guys hands can touch each other when placed on both sides of her hips.


  10. PML

    Besides, she just had a small PB bunny on your lower abdomen. It was hardly obtrusive or ugly and it had a lot of meaning at the time.

  11. PML

    Jennifer’s tattoo was originally a strawberry. I recall that she said she regretted getting it. She covered it by having the PB bunny inked over it.

  12. PML

    Hey, no need to convince me, I’m with you. What I’m talking about is those people who say “What? She got a tattoo? Great, she’s a slut, might as well go into porn now.” just because some model they like got a tattoo. I think many tattoos are cute or cool. Some are stupid and some really suck, I agree. But some people draw a line – no tattoos. Fine. But then they make excuses when one of their favorites ends up having one. “Oh, but it’s a little tattoo.” “Hey, it’s cute.” “Aw c’mon, you can barely see it.” Those excuses kill the “tattoos turn me off/no tattoos” argument.

    I’d say that a little Playboy bunny tattoo, especially on a Playmate, would be cute/fine. But I also see nothing wrong with Valerie’s tattoo. Yes, it is bigger and in a place that cannot be covered up with a bathing suit. But I’m guessing that her tattoo probably has a lot of meaning for her, right? I am assuming it says something significant to her. So, guess what? It falls under your “had a lot of meaning at the time” excuse. Of course it can be argued that hers is obtrusive and/or ugly. But some guys who hate tattoos would say the same about a Playboy bunny head tattoo. So who’s right? Not sure anybody can be in this instance.


  13. PML

    I am going to guess that Val’s tattoo does have meaning to her, but then again, I can’t read what it says. So, I don’t know. I know that recent PM who got a large one on her hip had a lot of meaning to her because it was about her grandmother. But, Val’s tat doesn’t seem to good to me since you can’t read it and it seems that it is just a bunch of writing on a hip.

    I agree that Megan Fox’s tattoos are way overboard, but she is so hot that people are willing to overlook them or they feel it says something about her in the sack. Yes. That is a contradiction, but sometimes other things override a person’s strong dislike for something else, like a woman’s overpowering beauty or sexuality allowing a person to ignore those imperfections. Consistency tends to go out the window with strong sexual attraction sometimes. After all, that is what keeps the human species propagating.


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